P01 - Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie-Centre d'étude de l'Energie Nucléaire (SCK•CEN) - Belgium

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) is a Foundation of Public Utility (FPU), with a legal status according to private law, under the tutorial of the Belgian Federal Minister in charge of energy. SCK•CEN has about 650 employees, of which one third has an academic degree. SCK•CENs main competences are found in nuclear materials research, development of innovative nuclear systems, nuclear waste research and environmental and health research in connection with nuclear radiation.

Since 1998 SCK•CEN is collaborating with European laboratories and research centres in the development of MYRRHA. MYRRHA is a heavy liquid metal cooled nuclear system designed to operate as Accelerator Driven sub-critical System (ADS) or as a critical fast reactor. It consists of a proton accelerator proton coupled to a liquid Pb-Bi spallation target in a Pb-Bi cooled and sub-critical fast core. MYRRHA is a basis for the European experimental ADS. It will provide protons and neutrons for many R&D applications, including transmutation studies.

SCK•CEN took part in the European TWG on European Roadmap for ADS transmutation and coordinated the ADOPT Thematic Network. SCK•CEN has participated in several FP6 projects including EUROTRANS, VELLA, ELSY and MTR-I3. Presently SCK•CEN coordinates FP7 Projects CDT, FREYA, ARCAS and SEARCH and participates in a number of other FP7 projects including MATTER, GETMAT, MAX, LEADER, THINS, SILER and SARGENIV.

Key persons

  • Peter Baeten
  • Marc Schyns
  • Paul Schuurmans
  • Graham Kennedy
  • Dirk Vandeplassche
  • Luis Medeiros Romao
  • Anatoly Kochetkov
  • Guido Vittiglio
  • Jan Wagemans
  • Alexander Aerts
  • Kim Rijpstra
  • Katrien Van Tichelen
  • Steven Keijers
  • Francesco Belloni