P02 – Accelerators and Cryogenic Systems (ACS) - France

ACS, a French SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprise), is an engineering company specialized in particle accelerator technologies and associated cryogenic equipments. ACS proposes the following engineering services:

  • Engineering studies for Particle Accelerators (beam dynamics, accelerating RF structures, magnets, cryogenics systems) developing modelling and calculations on electromagnetics, mechanical and thermal aspects.
  • Engineering studies for Cryogenic Systems (refrigeration process, cryogenic fluids distribution, cryostats, …) and devices associated to particle accelerators, detectors and other experimental physics systems
  • Preparation and testing of accelerator components prototypes and samples in the framework of a Collaboration and Cooperation agreement with the CNRS and the Université de Paris-Sud, allowing access to the test facilities.
  • Engineering studies of accelerator control systems, process definiton, associated instrumentation (sensors and actuators), interconnecting and cabling studies.
  • Construction follow-up and intermediate manufacturing controls of accelerator components fabricated by the European industry.

All the members of the founder team have actively participated to the design and construction of accelerators and cryogenics equipment for major Physics research facilities in Europe: CERN (LHC, SPL), GANIL (Spiral 2), DESY (TESLA), ESS (Lund), MYRRHA (SCK•CEN), etc
ACS was created in July 2009, and initiate their activities into the framework of IncubAlliance (innovative companies incubator in the south-Paris area). ACS obtained his SME contractor agreement for FP7 Euratom in August 2010, and sign a Cooperation and Collaboration Agreement with CNRS and Université Paris Sud in April 2011.
Some major activities during the last three years: Preliminary Study of a Heavy-Ion Cyclotron for CIEMAT(TechnoFusion), detailed electromagnetic and mechanical studies of SC spoke resonators for ESS-Bilbao, conceptual studies on cryogenics and reliability aspects for the MYRRHA accelerator in the MAX FP7 program, design and detailed study of a cryostat for SC cavities tests and all specifications for instrumentation and control (Uppsala University).

Key persons

  • Jean-Claude Le Scornet
  • Tomas Junquera