P08 - Empresarios Agrupados Internacional SA - EA - Spain

Empresarios Agrupados Internacional S.A (EA),is a leading engineering organisation, founded in 1971, in Spain, with significant international experience, providing a complete range of consulting, project management, engineering and design, procurement, construction management, plant testing, safety assessment, quality assurance, as well as plant operation and maintenance support services to the electric utility industry. EA has provided Consultancy and engineering services, and completed projects in Spain and some 37 other countries. The company is ranked by Engineering News-Record (ENR) among the Top 200 International Design Firms. EA has a permanent staff of more than 900 persons, of whom 65% are university graduates.

In the field of nuclear power generation, EA has been the main or sole engineering, design, licensing, procurement and construction management company in six 1000 MWe nuclear units. EA also provides engineering and support services to all nine nuclear units currently in operation in Spain, as well as to other units abroad. EA is also actively involved in the energy and nuclear safety sectors of the EU and BERD programmes.

EA has been taking an active part in international projects to develop the future generation of advanced Light Water Reactors. EA participated in the drawing up of the European Utility Requirements (EUR) documents for future nuclear power plants, collaborated with Westinghouse on the AP-600 and EPP projects and with General Electric in the ABWR, SBWR and ESBWR projects for advanced reactors.

In the area of low- and high-level radwaste management and disposal facilities, EA is currently involved in a long-term ENRESA project to select candidate sites and design a deep underground high-level waste repository. EA is performing the engineering of a centralised temporary spent fuel storage facility for ENRESA in Spain.

In the International Framework, EA’s participation in European Union Research and Development activities includes the EURATOM Programme for Fission and Fusion, and other specific programmes. Specifically in the 5th, 6th and 7th EC Framework Programme Ea participated in 8 projects as well has being deeply involved in the projects PDS-XADS, EUROTRANS and CDT.

In the Framework of National Programmes, EA is being collaborating in neutron installations like the European Spallation Source project. EA has also carried out basic and detail engineering and design activities for other projects related to highenergy physics laboratories.

In the field of fusion technology, EA as member of EFET (European Fusion Engineering and Technology) is participating on the ITER project. EA has also been deeply involved supporting the Vandellós site studies for the Spanish candidature to ITER site. EA has recently been awarded by F4E the Architect Engineering of ITER Buildings Project under a Joint venture collaboration with other European Engineering companies.

Key persons

  • Pedro Fernandez
  • Adrian Pitigoi
  • Mercedes Alonso