P09 - Agenzia Nazionale per le Nuove Tecnologie, l’Energia e lo Sviluppo Economico Sostenibile - ENEA - Italy

ENEA – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment - is a public research institution operating in the fields of energy, the environment and new technologies to support competitiveness and sustainable development. ENEA conducts scientific research and technology development activities that draw on a wide range of expertise, advanced facilities and tools located at its own eleven Research Centres, operating in support of ENEA's programmes and the Nation's productive system. The staff is about 3000 persons out of which more than 2000 are researchers engaged in R&D activities.

Since the 80’s ENEA has been involved in international research programmes for advanced and innovative nuclear reactors, starting with III GEN reactors (AP600, SBWR, PIUS etc.), then continuing, in the recent years, with Accelerator Driven Systems, GEN III+ (IRIS) and GEN IV reactors (LFR, SFR and VHTR), so acquiring a wide expertise in the development of such systems, in particular as for numerical analysis, reactor and core design, , safety and system analysis, thermal-hydraulics, nuclear material technologies, etc. Thanks to the financial contribution from national and European R&D programmes (TECLA, MEGAPIE-TEST, PDS-XADS, EUROTRANS, ELSY, etc.) ENEA has also acquired experience in design, construction and operation of Heavy Liquid Metal (HLM) experimental facilities for LMR-related technologies, such as CIRCE, LIFUS5, NACIE, HELENA, LECOR.

ENEA is member of the European Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform. ENEA has been also participating in several International Committees and Working Groups of EURATOM, NEA and IAEA in charge to develop strategies and to carry out studies, in particular in the field of innovative fast reactors and advanced nuclear fuel cycles.

With the specific reference to the topics of the project, ENEA is present with its research infrastructures in the Nuclear Gen.IV research at a EUROPEAN level since the beginning. ENEA provided fundamental contributions in the DEMETRA-EUROTRANS, ELSY, LEADER, THINS, SEARCH, MAXSIMA, MATTER, GETMAT and many other European projects.

Key persons

  • Mariano Tarantino
  • Alessandro Del Nevo
  • Ivan Di Piazza