P12 - Ion Beam Applications SA - IBA - Belgium

Spin off from the UCL in 1986, IBA is today a world leader in the areas of advanced radiotherapy and radioisotopes and industrial sterilization and ionisation equipment manufacturing. At end 2011 IBA was counting about 2201 employees worldwide of which more than 600 were allocated to design and manufacture accelerators, beam lines, gantries, targets & chemistry modules and to install them worldwide as complete medical solutions such as proton therapy treatment centres or radioisotopes production centres, as industrial solutions or turnkeys such as E-beam and X-rays facilities for medical device sterilization, food safety or material treatment, or as research centres equipment.

In addition, IBA’s applications QA is assured by dedicated IBA dosimetry devices & equipments produced in its subsidiary in Germany.

IBA is continuously developing or improving equipments and applications in the fields of human health and well-being.

All IBA’s applications being based on accelerators, IBA has developed a strong expertise in all matters in this field and especially in RF design. IBA is currently involved in the RF chain design and procurement for IFMIF as industrial partner but also as expert consultant for the integration at CIEMAT and the tests in Japan. IBA was also partner in European ADS projects like MYRRHA (FP5), PDS-XADS (FP5) and EUROTRANS (FP6)

Key persons

  • Michel Abs
  • Yves Paradis
  • Bruno Torremans
  • Yves Jongen