P15 - Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group - NRG - The Netherlands

The Nuclear Research and consultancy Group (NRG) was established as a partnership firm in 1998 through the merger of ECN’s and KEMA’s business activities in the nuclear fields. On the first of December 2006, ECN took over KEMA's stake in NRG. NRG offices and nuclear facilities are located in the Netherlands, in Petten and Arnhem. The mission of NRG is to meet the demand in society for high value nuclear research and innovation, safe and reliable nuclear production of isotopes and services to organizations that work with nuclear technology. NRG has a dedicated staff of about 450 employees. A complete nuclear infrastructure is available. NRG operates as well as maintains several facilities, such as the 45 MW High Flux Reactor (HFR) and Hot Cell Laboratories (HCL) for non-destructive and destructive testing and characterization of irradiated fuel. The HCL deploys a series of advanced techniques for characterization and testing of irradiated materials like gamma spectrometry, tomography, transmission electron microscope (TEM), LV-SEM ceramography, profilometry and gas puncturing. NRG has a large experience in numerical modelling and computational engineering in the nuclear field. To this purpose, a large computing cluster is available. Finally, NRG is actively participating to the European nuclear R&D, through memberships and participation in SNE-TP, NUGENIA, ESNII, and NC2I. Furthermore, NRG is involved in many European projects, both as coordinator and as participant.

Key persons

  • Ferry Roelofs
  • Afaque Shams
  • Heleen Doolaard
  • Frederic Blom