P22 - Vrije Universiteit Brussel - VUB - Belgium

In MYRTE, the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) is represented by The Brussels Photonics Team (B-PHOT) and the Acoustics and Vibration Research group (AVRG), which are research groups within the Faculty of Engineering of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) that belongs to the UNICA Network of Universities of the Capitals of Europe.

VUB-B-PHOT hosts 15 senior post-docs and 30 researchers whose photonic R&D activities are coordinated by Prof. Hugo Thienpont. VUB-B-PHOT is internationally recognized for its strategic and applied research in the field of photonics and is also uniquely involved in industry-related photonics projects in Belgium and Europe. As such VUB-B-PHOT has more than 15 years of experience in teaming up with research institutions and companies in photonics-enabled innovation projects that span a variety of industrial sectors: e.g. high-end projectors and displays (BARCO, TP VISION); food-sorting (BEST, TOMRA); digital printing (AGFA, XEIKON, UCAMCO); automotive (MELEXIS); manufacturing (ICOS, XENICS) and lighting (PHILIPS). Since 2007 the VUB-B- PHOT team has the special status of “Focal Point for Industrial Validation” , awarded by the Flemish government for its track record in industrial research validation, knowledge transfer, and entrepreneurship in photonics.

VUB-AVRG has close to 30 members, including two full-time professors, four post-doctoral researchers, about twenty PhD researchers and two technical staff members.The research with the AVRG team is oriented towards measurement, modelling and monitoring of mechanical systems with applications in different domains: aeronautics, automotive and (wind) energy. The group plays an important role in the coordination of different research networks: e.g the Bruwind network on wind energy and the Optimess network on optical measurement techniques.

Expertise to support MYRTE:
VUB-B-PHOT will support MYRTE by means of its extensive know-how in optical fibre Bragg grating based sensor technology provided by the research team led by Prof. Francis Berghmans with expertise detailed in the CVs below. VUB-AVRG has several years of experience on fluid-structure interaction measurement and analysis both in laboratory setups as well as in real-life facilities. This expertise will be used to support the fuel pin vibration measurement and analysis in the project.

Key persons

  • Francis Berghmans
  • Steve Vanlanduit
  • Ben De Pauw