P24 - Thales Electron Devices SAS - TED - France

Thales Electron Devices SAS is a French private company within the Thales Group, which main activities are in the field of:

  • Radiology
  • Defense
  • Spatial applications
  • Scientific activities

Thales is a long-standing partner to the international scientific community with the most prestigious laboratories. Through this close-knit collaboration, researchers can call on a constantly improved base of cutting-edge technologies - diacrodes, klystrons, gyrotrons… - for nuclear fusion or particle accelerators.

Thales Electron Devices SAS is involved in the design and manufacturing of RF Tubes for more than 60 years and is one of the global leaders in this domain. Thales Electron Devices SAS is in charge of the strategy of the Business Line “Microwave & Imaging Sub-Systems” and supervises the activities of its linked companies. With 8 production centres implemented in France, Germany, Israel, China and United states our Business Line disposes of more than 100 000 m² of industrial surfaces and 10 000 m² of clean rooms. Thales has been a leading manufacturer of long-life tubes for many decades, and constantly develops new technologies to improve performance and enhance reliability. Thales Electron Devices products are used as RF and microwave power sources in a number of different systems.

The scope of applications is very broad, including space, telecommunications, defense, radio and TV broadcasting, scientific research, medical therapy and industry.
Main figures of our Business Line: 2500 people, 8 industrial sites, 1500 customers, 2000 products.

Key persons

  • Serge Sierra