P27 – NTG - Neue Technologien GmbH & Co. KG - NTG - Germany

The Neue Technologien GmbH & Co. KG (NTG) is a private limited liability company with an average annual turnover of 10 million €. Situated in the vicinity of Frankfurt NTG was founded in 1968 and has currently about 85 employees. Our main activities are in the field of customized special plant construction and engineering including particle accelerator systems with special focus on radio frequency quadrupoles (RFQs) and drift tube linacs.

4-rod RFQ accelerators are built at NTG Company since many years for a huge variety of applications. This resonator concept is well established and can be found in many accelerator facilities distributed all over the world. It serves perfectly as a first stage accelerating section following an ion source. In the field of medical application this structure appears in the form of an integrated RFQ-Drift tube combination, which became a substantial part of a treatment facility for Cancer-Therapy like in the new treatment facility in Heidelberg. Our RFQs serve as injectors for following DTL-accelerators (e.g. HLI-injector at GSI) or cyclotrons (HMI-Berlin). NTG has built 5 RFQs for the Siemens particle therapy up to now. Many have been built for industrial applications such as ion implantation for production of semiconductors.

The inter vane RF-voltage of most 4-rod RFQ designs is roughly between 50 and 100 kV. To gain these voltage levels several tens of kilowatts of RF-power are required per meter structure length. At pulsed operation thermal stress on the structure is averaging out at only a fraction of that according to the duty cycle but electrical surface currents and thermal load on the structure are tremendous if such RF-levels are applied continuously at cw-operation.

Motivated by an increasingly strong demand for such high power devices in the field of accelerator driven systems (ADS) for nuclear waste transmutation like MYRRHA, NTG has made some design efforts and found solutions that pave the way for 4-rod application in the high-performance region. A 4-stem model has been built recently with the IAP of Frankfurt University including these new designs and manufacturing concepts and was tested very successfully by the beginning of 2014. Operation turns out to be very non-problematic and conditioning to highest power levels was made within hours.

NTG can provide most recent manufacturing techniques. Our CNC machines have proven machining tolerances down to 20 µm with the Electrode profile, which our clients appreciate a lot. Furthermore we can provide appropriate measuring tools for doing very precise alignment work on the structures during the assembly of parts. NTG did a lot of investigations in last years to optimize manufacture and alignment techniques with the result of very much improved performance results regarding both beam quality and rf-properties.

Key persons

  • Alexander Bechtold
  • Johannes Maus