WP3: Thermal Hydraulics



  • Demonstration of the viability of passive decay heat removal by natural circulation in MYRRHA;
  • Provide feedback to MYRRHA designers and safety analysts on the thermal-hydraulic phenomena in the reactor pool in nominal conditions and operational transients;
  • Development, validation and verification of numerical tools for thermal hydraulic analysis of MYRRHA and establishment of Best Practice Guidelines (BPG);
  • Development of liquid-metal heat transfer models for pool configurations;
  • Experimental and numerical characterisation of the fuel pin vibration modal characteristics in flowing LBE for the MYRRHA fuel assembly;
  • Investigation of relevant parameters of fretting wear of MYRRHA type fuel claddings;
  • Provide experimental and numerical information on the formation of flow blockage by the accumulation of particles in the MYRRHA fuel bundle.
  • Upgrade coupled subchannel thermal hydraulics – neutronics tools for transients analyses in MYRRHA


D3.1  E-SCAPE Experimental report (SCK•CEN) (M24)
D3.2  CIRCE Experimental report (ENEA) (M30)
D3.3  E-SCAPE Post-test CFD calculation report (SCK•CEN) (M36)
D3.4  CIRCE Post-test CFD calculation report (UNIPI) (M36)
D3.5  MYRRHA Simulation and analysis of transients (CRS4) (M36)
D3.6  MYRRHABelle Lessons learned (VKI) (M12)
D3.7  BPG CFD modeling of MYRRHA thermal hydraulics (NRG) (M48)
D3.8  E-SCAPE Post-test STH calculation report (SCK•CEN) (M30)
D3.9  CIRCE Post-test STH calculation report (UNIPI) (M36)
D3.10 BPG STH modeling of MYRRHA thermal hydraulics (SCK•CEN) (M48)
D3.11  E-SCAPE Post-test analysis with coupled tool (SCK•CEN) (M36)
D3.12  CIRCE Post-test analysis with coupled tool (UNIPI) (M36)
D3.13  BPG CFD+STH modeling of MYRRHA thermal hydraulics (UNIPI) (M48)
D3.14  Experimental results on BFS and jet flow test case (VKI) (M24)
D3.15  Turbulent heat transfer modeling applied to BFS test case (VKI) (M42)
D3.16  Turbulent heat transfer modeling applied to jet flow test case (SCK•CEN) (M42)
D3.17  Development of the AHFM-NRG for simultaneous application in all flow regimes (NRG) (M42)
D3.18  Analysis of heat transfer in free shear flows at low Prandtl number (UCL) (M36)
D3.19  BPG for turbulent heat transfer modeling in the MYRRHA pool (VKI) (M48)
D3.20  COMPLOT FIV Experimental Report (SCK•CEN) (M20)
D3.21  Coupled CFD/CSM calculations for the prediction of modal characteristics of the MYRRHA FA (UGENT) (M20)
D3.22  Application and validation of the coupled CFD/CSM approach for fuel pin vibrations (NRG) (M30)
D3.23  Report on the fretting test with MYRRHA relevant design and conditions (KIT)(M36)
D3.24  Final report on the KALLA blockage formation test result (KIT) (M42)
D3.25  Post-test calculation report of the blockage formation experiments (VKI) (M48)
D3.26  Application of a coupled MCNP-SUBCHANFLOW code for MYRRHA transients (CIEMAT) (M48)