WP6: Actinide fuel

(U,Am)O2 is currently the prime transmutation fuel candidate for fast reactors and accelerator-driven systems. It is compatible with the aqueous reprocessing technologies developed in Europe and can be fabricated with available technologies. Due to its high radiation dose, and concomitant difficulties to handle, the properties of even the unirradiated material remain unknown.

This study will:

  1. provide key data on the thermodynamic and thermophysical properties on the virgin material, for use in safety evaluations,
  2. investigate the behaviour of Helium Helium (generated by alpha decay of 242Cm and 238Pu) in such materials, and
  3. determine the potential interaction between LBE coolant and the fuel, in the event of a fuel pin breach.

The proposed research programme on (U,Am)O2 fuel will address these issues in a comprehensive manner, for the determination of the safety of these fuels in nuclear reactors.


D6.1 Report on the experimental properties of (U,Am)O2-x(JRC-ITU) (M36)
D6.2 He behaviour in (U,Am)O2-x (JRC-ITU) (M30)
D6.3 He behaviour in (U,La)O2-x (CNRS) (M42)
D6.4 LBE interaction with (U, Am) O2-x (M24)