WP7: Dissemination & Communication

Participants: CNRS, ENEA, IAP, KIT, VKI


  • Transfer and exchange of knowledge between the different partners of the project
  • Education and training of young scientists, master and PhD students in the scientific and technologies challenges related to the all the work packages of MYRTE
  • Lectures on thermal-hydraulics and chemistry of a HLM reactor
  • Lectures on Accelerator theory and Accelerator Driven System (ADS)
  • Communication and Dissemination of the latest results through an international workshop open to the whole scientific community.


D7.1 Lecture Series note on thermal-hydraulics and chemistry in HLM reactors (VKI) M24
D7.2 Lecture Notes on accelerators and ADS system (CNRS) M24
D7.3 Proceedings of International Workshop (VKI) M48